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Adrian Gonzalez De la Pena

Adrian G. De la Peña, Editor – Director

Canadian-based, Mexican-born Director/Editor. As a director, his scripted work is described as dark, yet, kindhearted, and his approach is being an actor´s director, believing that the process of creating is more essential than the end result. His shortfilm T- Minus (2018) multiple awards from Best Short, Best Drama, and best short narrative in UK and Canada. In 2014 he directed the segment called ∑:Math for Bloody Disgusting´s horror anthology World of death. In documentaries, he directed 2… | [email protected] | 7802322644


Brendon Rathbone

Colour Correction

Picture Element, Colorist

| [email protected] |

Professional Enterprise (1-5 employees)

Andrei Vonavi

Audio Post, Composer, Sound Editing

andreivonavi, Composer, Sound Designer

As a composer, I specialize in creating unique and emotive soundscapes for film, TV, and advertising. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with a variety of clients, including major brands such as Adidas, Marvel, Fujifilm, Jeep, Subaru as well as independent filmmakers and production companies. My work has been featured in numerous film festivals and received recognition from industry professionals. I’m committed to bringing my clients’ visions… | [email protected] | 5875747193

Professional Enterprise (1-5 employees)

Beau Shiminsky

Audio Post, Composer, Sound Editing

Ear Candy Inc, Owner

A Calgary-based audio boutique for sound and score built on a foundation of passion and creativity…and some say a modicum of madness. Specializing in Film, Advertising and Music Composition for clients across North America, Ear Candy is conveniently located in Calgary’s downtown Beltline District…. | [email protected] |

Brad Belcher

Audio Post, Composer, Described Video, Foley Artist, Sound Editing

The Forge Audio Company Inc., Supervising Sound Editor, Re-Recordist, Owner

Audio Post Production, Re-recording, Supervising Sound Edit, Sound Design, Dialog Edit, SFX Edit, Foley Services. Great sound isn’t created out of thin air. We ask the right questions, we dig, we pry, we brainstorm, we collaborate, we drink lots of coffee and take the time to think about what the best solution would be. Whether you’re crafting tv or movie soundtracks, music or commercials, you can trust the experience and intuition at the Forge Audio to create effective audio that will move … | [email protected] | 4038185124

Professional Enterprise (1-5 employees)

Chris Szott

Foley Artist, Sound Editing

Little Hook Sound, Foley Artist / Foley supervisor

Little Hook Sound is Alberta’s first – and only – dedicated Foley stage and Foley team. | [email protected] | 7807161746

Professional Enterprise (1-5 employees)

Ciara Proznik


Ellsworth Studios Inc, Composer

Ciara Proznik is an award-winning film composer with an unstoppable determination to create. After Ciara received her bachelor’s degree in Music Composition from MacEwan University in 2017, she moved to Los Angeles and completed certificates in Film Scoring from Berklee College of Music and UCLA. Shortly after, she was hired to work at Remote Control Productions where she assisted Hans Zimmer’s team. Working out of a cutting edge studio she designed from the ground-up, Ciara loves to create … | [email protected] | 13104985564

Professional Enterprise (1-5 employees)

Curtis Greenland

Pixel Blue College, Managing Partner

Pixel Blue College is a digital arts post-secondary institution, offering a unique educational experience in all digital media. We are located in Edmonton, Alberta and offer full-time immersion-style digital arts and media programs with instructors who are industry trained and offer our students the best education possible. With small class sizes, dedicated equipment, and industry-trained instructors, students get the most personalized attention…. | [email protected] | 7807562298

Post Secondary Institution

Dan McManus

Audio Post

Six Degrees, | [email protected] | 4032169911

Corporate (6+ employees)

Egor Grigorovici

2D Animation, Compositing

Darter 3D, | [email protected] |

Professional Enterprise (1-5 employees)

James Wilson

Red Deer Polytechnic, Instructor

Professional training in Film Production and Animation & Visual Effects | [email protected] | 4033564859

Post Secondary Institution

Doug de Nance

Doug de Nance, Voice Talent

Doug de Nance is an established voice artist, skybox announcer and on the floor host of live events across the globe – most notably for monster truck shows! His signature strength and vitality, from bold to intimate, makes every message he speaks…an event…. | [email protected] | 4039935067

Gabriel Lima

Cut:Thru Media, Owner

At Cut:Thru Media, we are a small but mighty team of professionals based in Edmonton, offering comprehensive post-production services. Our advanced color grading techniques and color science knowledge are a significant part of what gives the projects we handle an additional high-end feel. We meticulously scrutinize every scene in an edit, ensuring that each cut, transition, and effect aligns perfectly with the narrative, creating a seamless and engaging viewer experience….

| [email protected] | 7808683597


Graeme Judd

Graeme Judd Voiceover Inc, Voiceover Talent

Specializing in Voiceover for Entertainment Marketing & Creative Advertising (TV, Theatrical & Live Entertainment). | [email protected] |


James Murdoch

Audio Post

Norwood Sound / James Murdoch Audio Post, Owner/Operator

For 17 years, James Murdoch has been involved in many facets of audio post production including engineering, dialogue editing, mixing, scoring, ADR editing, voice over (as both an actor and recording engineer) and music supervisor. For the last 5 years his primary focus has been on dialogue editing and credits include over 100 documentaries, feature films and commercials. Select titles include: Fast Horse (2018) – Dialogue Editor Equus: Story of the Horse (2018) – Dialogue Editor Hands The Bind …

| [email protected] | 7809950966

Professional Enterprise (1-5 employees)

Jason Konoza

Picture Editing, Video Post

Jason Konoza, Video Editor

Jason Konoza is an editor based in Edmonton, and is currently working full time for the Oilers Entertainment Group. He has 25 years of editing experience in broadcast television and corporate video. He is an Adobe Certified Professional with Adobe Premiere Pro, and a member of the Directors Guild of Canada (Alberta District) as a Picture Editor…. | [email protected] | 7809958155

Professional Enterprise (1-5 employees)

Jenica Sitter

Northern Gateway Films Inc., Post Production Supervisor | [email protected] | 7809027318

Jennifer Avis

2D Animation, 3D Animation, Colour Correction, Compositing, Motion Graphics, Picture Editing, Video Post, Visual Effects (VFX)

Jump Studios, General Manager | [email protected] | 4032775867

Professional Enterprise (1-5 employees)

Jerry Skibinsky

Picture Editing

DGC, Picture Editor

Heartland on CBC | Tribal on ATPN

| [email protected] |

Professional Enterprise (1-5 employees)

Ken Filewych

Picture Editing

Upper Cut, | [email protected] | 4038157086

Professional Enterprise (1-5 employees)

Kim Clegg

2D Animation, Compositing, Motion Graphics

Rat Creek Design, Head Rat

Rat Creek Design Incorporated is an Edmonton based company specializing in Motion Graphics and Animation. Services include Art Direction, Show Packaging, Titles, Compositing, Animation, Infographics. Rat Creek was launched in 1996 servicing both the local video scene and the nascent interactive community. Over the years Rat Creek has provided services in all areas of screen based content: 3D previz and technical illustrations, CD-ROM design and programming, presentation graphics, interface desi… | [email protected] | 7809448077

Professional Enterprise (1-5 employees)

Mark Wood

Audio Post, Closed Captioning, Colour Correction, Described Video, Motion Graphics, Picture Editing, Video Post

Studio Post, Partner/ General Manager

Studio Post is a full service post production boutique based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We have been in business for more then 35 years. All our staff have 5-20 years experience. We offer a wide range of post production services including( but not limited to), picture editing , post audio, colour correction, close captioning, video describe, electronic commercial delivery services and graphics and animation services. We provide post production services on full length features, series televisi… | [email protected] |

Corporate (6+ employees)

Matthew Gillespie

Colour Correction, Picture Editing, Video Post

Joe Media Group Inc., President & CEO

At Joe Media, we believe in the power of moving pictures. As a premier video production company, we relentlessly strive to find that perfect combination of story, picture, and sound for each of our projects. Combinations that can trigger emotions, captivate audiences, and stir conversation. The cameras at Joe Media are continuing to rolling. We’re happy to have produced some amazing projects during the pandemic. It’s great to be filming but our focus is on putting the safety of our crews, ca… | [email protected] | 4032645399

Corporate (6+ employees)

Mitch Lee

Audio Post, Composer, Sound Editing

Redemption Audio, Owner

REDEMPTION is a boutique multi award winning custom music and audio post house. Serving the Film, TV, Advertising and Video Game industries. Owned by producer and composer Mitch Lee…. | [email protected] | 4035616530

Professional Enterprise (1-5 employees)

Nina Staum

Picture Editing

Ninja Staum Editing, Editor

Nina is a Calgary-based editor working in broadcast, feature film and commercial productions. Her recent credits include episodes of APTN’s ghost hunting series The Other Side, feature documentary A Wicked Eden, and Historica Canada’s D-Day Heritage Minute. She loves to teach and has worked as an editing facilitator for TELUS Community Stories and Herland workshops…. | [email protected] |

Professional Enterprise (1-5 employees)

Oleksandr LEBID

Audio Post, Foley Artist, Sound Editing

SWAN's audio, Sound designer & mixer

The audio post-production professional, an experienced expert who has been working with sound since 2011. They have a strong command of noise removal, dialogue editing, program mixing, and sound design, with a focus on reality shows, documentaries, commercials, trailers, and animated productions. In addition, they are skilled in foley recording and voice design. The professional’s objective is to create distinct and recognizable products for small and medium-sized businesses, utilizing their exp… | [email protected] | 4039194517

Professional Enterprise (1-5 employees)

Patrick Butler

Audio Post, Composer, Described Video, Foley Artist, Sound Editing

Propeller Studios, CEO

We, at Propeller have learned a LOT about sound, about people, and about getting the most out of budgets over the many years we have been doing this work. We have learned from schools, the interweb, freelance pros, actors and voice artists, producers and directors, from each other … and most importantly … from listening carefully … very carefully! We are passionate about what we do and love to share our knowledge and enthusiasm in a positive collaboration with ALL our clients … the big o… | [email protected] | 4032580207

Corporate (6+ employees)

Paul Marshall

Pixel Blue College, Managing Partner

I have over 20 years of post-production and news production experience. Originally from Vancouver, I started at Post Haste as a colorist assistant and then moved into the dubbing department. I then moved over to Northwest Imaging and FX where I also worked as an assistant editor and senior tape operator. From there I had a short contract at Deluxe and then moved into news at CITYTV before moving to Calgary where I worked at Global TV until recently. I am excited to get back into post-production …

| [email protected] | 7807562297


Paul Boucher

The Right Voice Communications Inc, Bilingual Voice Actor/Narration Services

I provide unaccented bilingual voice acting services in Canadian English and French, as well as American Standard to clients locally, regionally, nationally. In fact, I offer them to clients worldwide…. | [email protected] |

Philip Dransfeld

Audio Post, Sound Editing

Dransfeld Sound Ltd., Sound Recordist and Audio Post Production

| [email protected] | 5879872660


Robert Morrow

Colour Correction, Picture Editing, Video Post

Robert Morrow, Editor & Colorist

Robert Morrow is an internationally recognized Editor & Colorist, focused on beautiful projects with meaning. Offering a Canadian solution to “Large Hollywood Studios” making Post Production more seamless, local and effortless. Working with globally recognized directors, fortune 500 companies, and world renowned film festivals, and striving to set a new level in Canadian Film & TV…. | [email protected] | 4033698458

Professional Enterprise (1-5 employees)

Steve Seeley

2D Animation, 3D Animation, Motion Graphics, Video Post, Visual Effects (VFX)

Studio Dialog,

Studio Dialog is an idea passing from one imagination to another, forming a creative vision in motion. It’s what we mean by “dialog.” We blend visual media and sound to create rich experiences that run the gamut from animation, to motion graphics, to 3D, to design, to VFX and live action video production. This is what inspires us. We can’t wait to embrace whatever challenge you have to throw our way, share it around our digital campfire, and launch it into the world as a living, moving w… | [email protected] | 4036689130

Professional Enterprise (1-5 employees)

Sarah Taylor

Picture Editing

Suite One Productions, Editor

Sarah is an award-winning editor with over eighteen years of experience, She has a passion for storytelling and has cut a wide range of documentaries, corporate videos, television programs, and full length feature films. She is a member of the Directors Guild of Canada (DGC) and is on the board of directors for the Canadian Cinema Editors (CCE). Sarah is also the host of the editing podcast The Editor’s Cut…. | [email protected] | 7804066634

Professional Enterprise (1-5 employees)

Susan de St. Jorre

2D Animation, 3D Animation, Compositing, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects (VFX)

Solid Green Inc., Project Manager

Post production facility providing creative vfx, motion graphics and animation solutions to all types of productions from drama to corporate. With highly skilled artists we have the experience to find solutions to all creative challenges…. | [email protected] | 4032283141

Professional Enterprise (1-5 employees)

Wes Doyle

WesPhoto, Director of Photography | [email protected] | 7804978278